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A pretty Herbs Garden: Where Herbs Growing in Just Water

“Gardening is tough..!” “You need to do a lot of work, buy a lot of items including fertilizers, soil, potting mix etc.” “It is a reason for a lot of mess too… soil spread all over in the surrounding making it all dirty” These are some of the thought we all encounter prior we start our journey with gardening and this is what makes us end our gardening even before starting.

But the point is no one ever mentioned gardening was hard or it is time-consuming. Yes, I totally agree with the fact that it demands time, care, and a lot of attention, but do you know that gardening can be easy too. It can be done without a lot of headache and mess.

Yes, you heard it right, A garden without any Mess and now you don’t always need those Gardening Services Online in India to help you with your gardening matters. Now, you must be wondering that I must be joking but I am hell serious, you can grow a beautiful; herb garden with a variety of species grown just in the water, without the hassle of maintenance. How.? Let’s have a look below:

What You Need


The first and the basic thing which we need for creating a beautiful herb garden where herbs grow just in water are containers. Head towards your kitchen and pick up all the beautiful looking containers, jars, or whatever you feel like can act as a beautiful planter if want you can read my previous blogs for help. Colorful glass jars are preferable as they work to enhance the beauty of your garden, just pinch a hole in the lid of the container so that it can hold the stem of your herb.


The second thing needed is water. You can use any sort of water but keep in mind to let the water sit for some time before using, like when using tap water let it sit for 24 hours and when using bottled water let it sit for at 8 hours. However, if you are using rain water the, you need not wait and you can use it right away.


The last thing which we need is Plants. You can get your choice of plants from your nearest nursery, and in order to, plant these plants into the above containers just take the freshly bought herbs from the nursery and cut each herb about six inches post washing it. Keep in mind to remove leaves properly from the part of the stem that will be under water.


Feeding Your Herbs

You can start growing herbs by following the above-mentioned processes along with the required essentials but the question arises is water does not contain the required amount of nutrients then, how will your plants grow. The answer is when your plants start growing then, start adding water soluble fertilizer to your plants whenever you are changing the water.

Throw away the old water from the container and mix water soluble fertilizer (one-quarter of the manufacturer’s recommendation) with water and add it to the container. Keep in mind to rinse your jar and plant thoroughly whenever changing water.

Herbs That Can Grow In Just Water


Basil known as the King of herbs is the most common type of herb Grown. In order to grow basil as water herb just cut it prior it starts flowering and then, plant it in the water containers. Keep the container where it can get light so that it will grow at a good speed.


Sage is another popular herb grown. It has a flavorful smell which makes it a popular choice. In order to, grow a healthy Sage place the herb in a well-aerated place which additionally is a home to bright sunlight, as Sage needs sunlight and air.


A natural hybrid of water mint and spearmint, this herb is very easy to grow and is recognized as one of the most beneficial herbs. Peppermint comprises of high amounts of methanol and thus, is used in many medicinal fields. Just take the cutting and place them into the water to grow peppermint.


One of the important herbs used in the Italian dishes, Oregano can be used to spice up the flavor of almost every dish. Just take the fresh cutting of the herb and plant them into water filled containers. Oreganos can grow into big plants real quick thus, take care of your herbs.


Rosemary is known for proffering rich flavor to food. The semi woody stemmed rosemary herbs take a little longer to grow as compared to fresh spring cutting, and they grow well when provided bright sunlight.

Other Herbs that can be grown as Water Herbs

  • Thyme
  • Chives
  • Lavender
  • Stevia
  • Spearmint
  • Marjoram
  • Lemon Balm
  • Cilantro
  • Celery
  • Fennel
  • Lemongrass

So, this was all you needed to know prior buildi9ng your own herb garden with the variety of herbs that can just grow in water. Now, what are you waiting for? Gear up, collect the required essentials and build your own pretty garden. Happy Gardening!!


6 thoughts on “A pretty Herbs Garden: Where Herbs Growing in Just Water”

  1. How can I learn about gardening? Is there any special course? I have recently developed interest in this and your blog makes me realize, there are so many things to learn!


    1. it has been mentioned that in order to, grow these herbs just in water you need to feed them with water soluble fertilizers, we grow plants in soil so that they can meet the nutrients required for their growth which are being provided to these herbs though those water soluble fertilizers. Thus, it is possible to grow herbs just in water.


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