Best Blooming Flowering Plants For Monsoons

Monsoons are thought to be the best time for growing most of the plants and in a country like India, Monsoons do play an important in role in gardening as they help turn the bare and dry soil into cultivating the soil, by proffering it with the right amount of water and stimulating its nutrients levels. Moreover, monsoons turn valleys, hill stations and some other places into a home to lush green plants, dense forests, and blooming, beautiful wild flowers all over, making the site around you look a lot more ecstatic and eye-catching.

These naturally built yet beautiful landscaping views prove that you do not need professional Landscaping Services Online In India or the Gardening Services Online in India to get yourself a beautifully landscaped and designed garden, instead you just need to Buy Flowering Plants Online in India in order to gift yourself a lush green and a beautiful garden blooming with colorful flowers.

Now the Question arises as to which flowering plants are best suitable for growing in the rainy season in India? After all, there is a variety of flowering plants offered in the market which makes it difficult for you to choose the right plant as per your preference and the weather. Below here is a list of Flowering plants you can choose to grow in your garden this monsoon season:


A home to beautiful flowers having a rich red-orange color, provides a euphoric look to your garden, making every visitor turn his eyes, moreover, these red-orange flowers provide a perfect combination to the lush green leaves and plant in your garden. As far as the cultivation requirements are considered then, this flowering plant needs a lot of water therefore, it blooms the best when there is continuous rain.


The another best option to be chosen for turning your garden into a beautiful, living heaven on earth, these hibiscus plants are available in a variety of colors including red, white, peach, yellow etc. These plants are a center of attraction for hummingbirds and butterflies which additionally works to enhance the beauty of your garden, moreover, this flowering plants bloom the best in the rainy season, and does not require a lot of time, care and attention as it is an easy growing plant. Other than being an easy to grow plant Hibiscus has another plus point which is that it can be grown both as an individual plant or it can additionally be used as a hedge plant.


Beautiful, white little flowers not only offers a pleasant and a soothing view of your garden but the Jasmine plant is also known for the fragrance it offers, due to which it has got its other name “Gandhraja.” Jasmine has little white flowers with lush green leaves and offers a pleasant and tempting smell which enhances the environment of your garden. Jasmine flowers can be used as hedges, container plants, bonsai or even ground covers too.

Indigo Flower

The other most popular and preferred flowering plant in India is the Indigo Flower Plant. Being a rich color infused and easy to grow plant Indigo Flower plants easily makes their way to every list which describes the best flowering plants for the rainy season. Indigo Flower plants basically have a stem which comprises of star shaped flowers usually found in the varying shades of blue, however, apart from blue this plant can be additionally found in other shades such a violet, white and off-white. This blooms best when planted in continuous raining conditions.

Monsoon Cassia

One of the best options for your garden is the Monsoon Cassia plant, this plant despite being a common plant plays strives to offer a tremendous and splendid look to your garden. Monsoon Cassia is basically a tree having bunches of yellow flowers growing against green leaves. The basic requirement of Monsoon Cassia in order to bloom beautifully is the right amount of sunlight and water, and no extra time, care or attention.


Recognized as the National Flower of India, Lotus is a must have planted in your garden. If you are someone who has maintained his garden the best, additionally building a pond in your garden then, opting Lotus as one of the flowering plants to be grown in your garden is a good option. These large, showy flowers in water provide a mesmerizing look to your garden.

Water lily

The plant being the best suitable for tropical climates as some of its species demand a water temperature above 70 degrees, turn out to be a great flowering plant to be grown in the rainy season as just the Lotus this is also an aquatic plant which provides an elegant look to your garden by intensifying the beauty of your garden.

So, these were some of the best flowering plants that bloom the best amid the rainy season in India, proffering a beautiful, elegant and eye-catching view to your garden, however, as far as the plant list is considered, it difficult to mention all the plants, but the above-mentioned plants are the top used and best suitable plants. Pick the best one suitable to your and start growing. Happy Gardening!!


3 thoughts on “Best Blooming Flowering Plants For Monsoons”

  1. Good to know ,you have interest in gardening ,gulmohar only blooms on trees ,it can’t be kept in pots ,lotus hardly grows in pots ,you need kind of mini pond to have lotus


    1. Thank you for further elaborating, I forgot to specifically mention in my write up that these plants cannot be grown in pots, however, i think i have mentioned about planting lotus in kind of a small pond in your garden.


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