Promote the 3 R’s: Tips to Reuse Old Things In Your Garden

Who would use that now..? Just throw it.., A torn shoe… what is this good for now… throw it too… empty plastics bottles… throw them too… and the list continues. We all have a huge list of items that are of no use to us now… and we prefer throwing them into the dustbin thinking that it is of no use now, but the fact is each and everything, despite being thrown into the dustbin can prove to be very useful.

No Doubt you can get a beautiful and attractive garden designed from top platforms offering Gardening Services Online in India, but you yourself answer just one question with total honesty isn’t getting your garden designed from top Landscaping Services offering companies is a costly task. Now almost every gardening enthusiast will agree with me, then why to waste your hard earned money when you can beautify your garden without spending even a single penny.

Now you must be wondering how you can beautify your garden without even spending, no issues, as usual, I have got answers to all of your questions and queries. You can beautify your garden by using the things you have thrown into the dustbin considering them as waste.

Garden and Old Materials

This is the time when you need to apply the concept of the 3 R’s you read in your textbooks back in your school time… in real life. Gardening is an activity where in you can reuse anything considered as waste in the best possible manner.

Decorating your garden with old materials is not just a way to cut5 down your landscaping and gardening decorations costs but it also enhances the beauty o0f your garden additionally working as an eco-friendly factor as you are recycling and reusing materials thought to be a waste and thrown out to destroy the nature including plastic bottles, containers etc.

Let’s have a look what all materials you can use in your garden decoration and basically how should you use each of the listed material:

Old Shoes As Planters

Wearing your favorite shoes back to back on a regular basis, has made them look old, with holes making a home in your shoe’s sole but you still don’t feel like throwing them away, after all, they are your favorite… then don’t worry, we have a splendid solution.

Take your old shoes if there’s already a hole at the bottom then its fine otherwise make a small opening below fill your shoe with gardening compost and sow seeds, use them as seed planters. You can use those shoes with plants ingrown as a part of corner decoration or you can even use these shoes as a part of pot hangers decorated on walls.

Old Kitchen-wares and containers

Kitchen wares which have been an essential part of your kitchen since long but now they don’t go with the look and beauty of both your kitchen and your new kitchen wares but they are still in a perfect condition and now you can neither use them nor throw them away… what should you do..?

Use all your old kitchen wares and containers in whatever condition they are as planters, in order to cut down the pot purchasing cost and beautify your house. Fill all extra kitchen ware and containers with gardening compost and sow seeds in them and keep them in your garden where ever you want to

Old Tin Cans As Hanging Pots

Everyone has a lot of Tin Cans at their home which cannot be used for anything, however, this thinking of people is very wrong because, in reality, tin cans prove to be a great planter.

Take all waste tin cans available at your home make a hole at the bottom, fill them with gardening compost and sow seeds and then, you can use these tin cans as pot hangers, decorated on vertical walls enhancing their beauty.

Small Containers for seed storing and indoor planting

Small containers like egg boxes, pills and supplements bottles, etc. can be used in a great way to plant tiny plants. All you need to do is repeat the same process as mentioned in all of the above tricks, make a hole at the bottom of the container, fill it with gardening compost, and sow seeds of tiny plants.

Old Tires

Old tires can be used as a great means to decorate your garden, you can use them as planters or if you want you can also use them as decorative items only.

Take all your old, waste tires, paint them in different colors and use them as decoration pieces by placing them in a sequenced manner. Or you can additionally use them as planters, place all the old tires in your garden wherever you like, fill the empty space in the middle with gardening compost and sow seeds, if you have old cycle tiers then use each divided segment of the type to plant a different tiny plant species by sowing different seeds in each segment.

Bottle Caps

You must be wondering what can be the use of those small bottle caps in such a huge garden, sometimes even the smallest of the things can do wonders, those small bottle caps can be used as a measure to differentiate between each of the plant species.

Paint those bottle caps in different colors and write plant names on them and then use them as a means to identify your plants.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles can be used in a wide range of ways, the best being their use as hanging planters and the other being as a gardening tool.

You can take a plastic bottle place it horizontally and make a rectangular hole in it, then fill it with gardening compost and plant trees in it.

Plastic bottles and empty plastic milk containers can be used as gardening tools. Cut out the handle part shaping it as a gardening tool and bingo you have a new tool without even spending a penny.

So, these were some tips and tricks for beautifying your garden without even spending a single penny. Now go ahead, follow these tips and get an ecstatic, eye-catching garden with items you thought were waste materials.



9 thoughts on “Promote the 3 R’s: Tips to Reuse Old Things In Your Garden”

    1. I would soon write a blog specifying plant species best for miniature gardens, and the top tiny plants to be grown indoors.. till then, you can start with growing some succulents, and herbs such as mint, rosemary, basil etc, and for further reference you can even get the best tiny plants along with variety of other plants at Natures Buggy. Thank You. Stay Connected.

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      1. Thanks, I will be looking forward for the post.
        And thanks for starting this blog for sharing your knowledge. It will be very useful for people like me who have newly started to planting tress or plants 🙂


      1. Nothing is hard or waste ,thing is save time and chose easy and better option ,tyres need to be painted ,stitched from one side etc ,in that much money ,one can easily get a decent pot ,so why to spend money on time


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